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Why people need coveralls?

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There are numerous models of coveralls designed for work in explosion hazard areas. Our clothing protects against thermal effects of explosions, which can cause very serious burns or even death of anyone located in the vicinity. some coveralls are made of materials characterized by permanent flame spread protection, usually fire-resistant fiber which offers protection in the event of fire hazards.


Here is the content list:

Reusable protective coveralls

Disposable protective coveralls

Key advantages of disposable protective coveralls

The protective coveralls characterized


Reusable protective coveralls

Among protective coveralls available on the market there are also acid resistant models which protect against hazardous substances. They are made of plastic-based materials covered by a special fluorocarbon coating which provides an effective barrier to acids.


Due to their broad range of protection another very popular choice in our product range is multi-protective coveralls. Depending on the model, our customers can choose clothing with a wide range of features such as: electrostatic discharge protection, acid resistance, flame spread protection, electric arc protection and water resistance.


Disposable protective coveralls

Protective coveralls for short-duration use, often referred to as “disposable protective coveralls”, were designed to protect people, processes and products. These products protect workers against chemical compounds, asbestos, dust and fibers, chemicals used in the agriculture and heavy industry as well as paints and varnishes. They protect demanding production processes and products, e.g. in cleanrooms or in the production of pharmaceuticals, as well as foodstuffs against contamination by staff. In addition, this clothing protects against contact with concentrated organic compounds and inorganic acids and bases as well as salt solutions. Furthermore, penetration tests using blood and virus simulants have shown that the specialized material used to manufacture disposable coveralls protects the wearer from other people’s body fluids and pathogens.


Key advantages of disposable protective coveralls

Very light material which does not restrict the freedom of movement

Guaranteed 100% cleanliness (new coveralls every time)

Excellent protective properties

Long service life

No washing, maintenance, or repair costs

Low purchase costs

Small size and low weight (minimum place needed for storage)

Simple disposal process

The protective coveralls are characterized by

Good protective properties – guaranteeing a tight barrier that stops particles above 1 micron as well as pressurized liquids and aerosols,

durability – they are exceptionally resistant to tearing and abrasion, which allows them to retain their protective properties even under extreme operating conditions,

comfort of wear – materials used in the production are “breathable”, i.e. air and water-vapor permeable,

protection against pressurized liquid jets – they are resistant to high-pressure water columns.

no adhesion of particles or fluids – the surface of the material prevents a number of organic and inorganic liquids from getting inside it, and particles do not adhere to it.


Coveralls are most often worn as protective clothing over "street" clothes at work. They can be used for painting and decorating, mechanical work, farming, factory work, and other activities where clothes may become soiled. Coveralls protect the body from the ankles to the wrists and disposable coveralls feature hoods to protect the head. Coveralls are required across a range of varied industries such as agriculture, petrochemical, food, mechanical, emergency response and other labor-intensive industries. Thus, if you working with a not very good condition it is better to have a coverall. And companies are also better to provide one.

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