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The operation method of putting on and taking off isolation clothes

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Here is the content list:

How to Put on the isolation clothes

How to Take off the isolation garment

How to Put on the isolation clothes

(1) Put on the mask and cap, remove the watch, roll the sleeve over the elbow (in winter, roll it over the middle of the forearm).

(2) Take off the isolation clothes with the coat in hand, clean face towards yourself; fold the collar ends outward to align the shoulder seams and expose the inner mouth of the sleeve.

(3) Right hand collar, left hand into the sleeve; right hand will pull the collar upward, so that the left hand set in after the exposure.

(4) Change the left hand to hold the collar, the right hand into the sleeve; raise both hands to shake the sleeve on, pay attention not to touch the face.

(5) both hands hold the collar, from the center of the collar along the edge back to the collar buckle, and then tie the cuffs (at this time the hands have been contaminated), loose belt live knot.

(6) will isolate one side of the garment about 5cm below the waist gradually pulled forward until you see the edge, then pinch; the same method pinch the other side of the edge, pay attention to the hands do not touch the inner surface of the garment. Then align the edges with both hands at the back, fold to one side, press the fold with one hand, pull the belt to the back with the other hand and press the fold, cross the belt at the back and return to the front to tie it.

How to Take off the isolation garment

(1) Untie the belt and tie a live knot in the front.

(2) Untie both cuffs and tuck part of the sleeve cover into the sleeve at the elbow to facilitate disinfection of hands.

(3) After disinfecting and cleaning both hands, undo the collar button, reach inside the left wrist sleeve with the right hand and pull down the sleeve over the hand; hold the outside of the right isolation garment sleeve with the covered left hand, pull down the right sleeve and gradually withdraw both hands from the sleeve tube by conversion.

(4) With the left hand from the inside of the garment hold both shoulders shoulder seam withdrawal of the right hand, and then hold the right hand outside the collar reflexive fold, off the left hand.

(5) hold the collar with the left hand, the right hand will be aligned with both sides of the isolation garment (if hanging in the semi-polluted area, the clean side of the isolation garment facing outward, hanging in the polluted area, the polluted side facing outward), hanging on the coat hook. No longer wear the isolation clothing off the clean side out, rolled into the contaminated bag.

When the clean isolation coat is only used once, wear the isolation coat method and the same general method, no special requirements. When taking off the isolation clothing should make the clean side facing outward, the collar and edge of the clothing rolled to the center, disinfect hands after discarding the clothing

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