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Chemical Operation

In modern industrial operating environments, workers often encounter flames, high temperatures, molten metals, corrosive chemicals, low temperatures, mechanical processing, and some special replacement hazards. For these dangers, special protective clothing is needed to protect the entire body.

Fire Disaster

Firefighter protective clothing is one of the most important equipment to maintain the personal safety of firefighters active in the front line of firefighting. It is not only an indispensable item for fire rescue scenes, but also a shielding appliance to protect firefighters from damage. 

Road Administration

High-brightness warning protective clothing is what we often call reflective protective clothing, and it is also our most common protective clothing. Usually used in traffic management, environmental sanitation, road administration, highway maintenance and other groups that require outdoor operations and activities. This kind of reflective protective clothing is usually made of a fluorescent base material and a reflective material coated with glass beads. The fluorescent fabric can play a good eye-catching reminder role during the day. At night, the reflective material will reflect Strong light to warn the light source to keep a safe distance and take safety measures in time.

Smog Weather

In the foggy weather, it is the particulate gas that causes great harm to us. When we put on the mask, a filtering effect is formed. At this time, we can effectively block 80% of the particles from entering the body.Therefore, in the face of foggy weather, masks are also an indispensable object.
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