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Hand protection

HBFULLCARE hand protection keeps your hands clean and free of odors. We can provide powder-free nitrile gloves, TPE gloves, vinyl gloves, medical gloves, nylon/polyester gloves, latex gloves, and long sleeve gloves, etc. Powder-free, general-purpose disposable gloves provide basic hand protection against non-hazardous materials and do not have a powder coating inside the glove, reducing the risk of allergic reactions and contamination. Disposable gloves are used once and thrown away or recycled after each task to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

About Us
Hubei Fullcare Protective Products Co., Ltd is a leading manu- facturer specialized in various kinds of protective products such as coverall, respirators,face masks, surgical gown, caps, sleeves, gloves, apron, shoe cover etc.
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