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Face Mask

We have various kinds of nonwoven masks, such as disposable face masks, dust masks, FFP1/FFP2/FFP3/N95 respirators, etc. They are designed to cover the nose and mouth,making a tight seal around the face to protect against particles, bacteria, pollen, dust, and smoke entering the body through the mouth and nostrils. The unique shape of the masks helps to create a space between the mouth and mask for comfort. Mould nose clip to the wearer's nose shape to help reduce eyewear fogging and for a better seal and fit. Made from advanced filter material for effective filtration with low breathing resistance. Lightweight construction for added comfort that may increase wearer time. Does not contain components made from natural rubber latex.

About Us
Hubei Fullcare Protective Products Co., Ltd is a leading manu- facturer specialized in various kinds of protective products such as coverall, respirators,face masks, surgical gown, caps, sleeves, gloves, apron, shoe cover etc.
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