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What are coveralls—what are they made and how to use them?

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It is essential to be equipped with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) when dealing with hazardous materials. Coveralls are a one-piece, loose-fitting suit that offer protection against outside contaminants over a large area of the body. Coveralls are essentially a full body protection suit, generally worn over the top of personal clothing, and can protect workers against a number of hazards, including hazards of a chemical, mechanical, thermal or biological nature.


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Coverall Materials

How to wear coveralls?

 Coverall Materials

Coveralls can be made from a range of different materials which contribute to their performance as a protective barrier against hazardous materials. Woven fabric, for instance, is not a suitable material to construct a coverall with as gaps present in the material structure leave space for hazardous material to permeate the suit. Non-woven fabrics, with a much denser structure, are therefore more desirable when designing protective coveralls.


• Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene coveralls are constructed from a non-woven fabric but are usually not dense enough to provide adequate protection to the wearer and are more suited to conditions where particles of a non-hazardous nature are likely to come into contact with the wearer or their personal clothes.


• Spunbound-Meltblown-Spunbound (SMS)

Coveralls made from SMS are constructed using 3 layers of polypropylene fibres. The outer spunbound layers give the coverall its physical strength. The middle fibres are then meltblown into a dense structure that is able to filter out chemicals and dry particles and is what gives the suit its protective qualities. Suits made from this material are relatively comfortable and breathable and offer a high level of protection.


• Microporous Film Laminate (MPFL)

MPFL is a two-layer fabric which provides adequate protection. The protective layer of the suit is constructed from microporous polyethylene film which is bonded to a layer of spunbound polypropylene. The film does have the potential to vary and is therefore unable to provide uniform protection. It is also located on the outer layer of the suit which makes it susceptible to physical impact which may disrupt its protective capabilities.


How to wear coveralls?

If available, coveralls with thumb hooks help secure the cuffs of the gown over the inner glove to help ensure there is not a gap between the glove and the cuff of the coverall.


Put on your coverall with the zipper in the front. Pull up the zipper completely. Ensure the coverall is large enough to allow unrestricted freedom of movement. Ensure cuffs of inner gloves are tucked under the sleeve of the coverall. If a coverall with thumb hooks is not used, facilities may consider taping the sleeve of the coverall over the inner glove to prevent potential skin exposure from separation between the sleeve and inner glove during activity. If taping is used, a tab should be created by folding the tape over at the end. This tab will help facilitate easy removal during the doffing process. Care must be taken to remove tape gently. Experience in some facilities suggests taping may increase risk by making the doffing process more difficult.


I hope this article has helped you understand the basic information of coveralls. Our company specializes in the production of coverall with professional knowledge and rich experience. If you need a coverall, please contact us.

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