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Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) basics

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This article introduced some basic knowledge about Respiratory protective equipment (RPE), contains what is RPE, what can RPE do, When and how can Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) be used?

Work activities may cause harmful substances to pollute the air in the form of dust, mist, gas or fumes. For example:

Cutting materials, such as stone, concrete or wood

Using fluids containing volatile solvents

Handling dusty powders

Workers may also be required to work in areas with low oxygen levels, such as confined spaces, such as airtight chambers or tanks.

The RPE is designed to protect the wearer from these hazards.

You will need adequate and suitable RPE to ensure that the wearer is protected. This means.

Adequate - It fits the hazard and reduces exposure to the level needed to protect the wearer's health.

Appropriate - It is appropriate for the wearer, the task and the environment, allowing the wearer to work freely without additional risk due to the RPE.

To select an RPE that protects the wearer, you need to have a basic understanding of the following:

The hazardous substance and the amount in the air (exposure)

The form of the substance in the air (e.g., gas, particle, vapor).

The type of work being performed.

Any specific donning requirements, such as other personal protective equipment or the need for eyewear.

Here is the content list:

  • When can Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) be used?

  • What is Respiratory protective equipment (RPE)?

  • Respirators and BA are available in a range of styles, divided into two main groups.

  • How to use RPE?

When can Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) be used?

When you may still be breathing contaminated air, even though you have other controls in place, such as an extraction system. Respiratory protective equipment can protect your better.

When there is short-term or infrequent exposure and it is impractical to use other control methods

When you are implementing other control methods

When you need to provide RPE to allow for safe evacuation in an emergency

When you need to provide RPE for emergency work, or when controls have temporarily failed

When it is necessary to have trained personnel for emergency rescue

What is Respiratory protective equipment (RPE)?

The two main types of RPE are Respirators and breathing apparatus.

Respirators (filtering devices) use filters to remove contaminants from the air being breathed in. They can be either:

non-powered Respirators – relying on the wearer's breathing to draw air through the filter; or powered Respirators – using a motor to pass air through the filter to give a supply of clean air.

The breathing apparatus needs a supply of breathing-quality air from an independent source (eg air cylinder or air compressor).

Respirators and BA are available in a range of styles, dividing into two main groups:

Tight-fitting facepieces (often referred to as masks) rely on having a good seal with the wearer's face. These are available as both non-powered and powered Respirators and BA. A face fit test should be carried out to ensure the RPE can protect the wearer.

Loose-fitting facepieces rely on enough clean air being provided to the wearer to prevent contaminant leaking (only available as powered Respirators or BA). Examples are hoods, helmets, visors, blouses and suits.

How to use RPE?

To ensure your RPE works, you should make sure:

The chosen RPE fits, is suitable for the task and the wearer.

You conduct fit tests for each wearer, for each piece of tight-fitting RPE they use.

The RPE works with other protective equipment the user wears.

The wearers are trained to use it and are supervised.

You maintain each device as per the manufacturers' instructions.

The RPE is stored properly.

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