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How to use coveralls?

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The following knowledge points are listed below

1. General precautions of coveralls

2. Why we need to Wear it well?

3. Preparation before using coveralls


General precautions of coveralls


(1) Check protective coveralls for damage both before and after use.

(2) Clean and maintain all PPE regularly.

(3) Use disposable protective coveralls only once and dispose of safely after use.

(4) Wash cotton type overalls on a regular basis.

(5) Wash overalls at work or at a specialist laundry. They should not be taken home and washed with the ‘family’ wash.

(6) Store protective clothing in a clean cupboard or locker.

(7) Store clean and dirty clothing separately.

(8) Provide a good standard of personal washing facilities

(9) The material selected should be resistant to the penetration of liquids, dusts or granules as appropriate.

(10) For corrosive materials such as acids, an impervious apron gives good protection.

(11) Coveralls should normally be worn over boots rather than be tucked in.

(12) Gloves should normally be worn over the sleeves to help stop contamination getting on the inside of the PPE.


Why we need to Wear it well?


According to the British HSE best practice workers should make sure they wear suitable protective overalls correctly when spraying biocides or pesticides. A study by the British HSE showed that leaving sleeves rolled up or zips undone will fail to protect workers from being contaminated with pesticides or biocides.


Research was carried out into the role clothing plays in reducing skin exposure to pesticides and to quantify the amount of protection given by different types of clothing, so that the information can be used by workers carrying out a risk assessment in the future. Researchers also wanted to establish what fraction of the number of pesticides deposited on workers’ clothing actually reaches the skin.


The study used an articulated mannequin, which moved the way a typical worker would while using biocides and pesticides. Test fluids were sprayed on the clothing, mimicking patterns seen in the workplace. A series of replicate tests were taken using different types of clothing on the mannequin and with the clothing being worn incorrectly.


Significant decreases in skin contamination were achieved from all the types of clothing tested, including personal clothing such as a long sleeve shirt and a pair of jeans.


Wearing an extra layer of protective clothing such as a cotton boiler suit, further reduced skin contamination. However, there was still significant exposure to pesticides due to leakage around cuffs and collar and penetration directly through the fabric.


The study highlighted that when working with biocides and pesticides there is an increased risk of personal exposure if protective clothing is not appropriate or worn properly. It also demonstrated that protective clothing will be contaminated and should not be washed with domestic or personal items.


Preparation before using coveralls


Sometimes it is easy to forget about using the appropriate protective clothing, but the simple fact is that it helps protect individuals from accidents. With protective clothing the following important points need to be addressed:


(1) Ensure that the appropriate safety standards are met by your safety clothing.

(2) Ensure that each item of protective clothing is appropriate for each particular workplace hazard.

(3) Ensure the clothing fits the individual worker.

(4) Provide/obtain training in the appropriate use of protective clothing.

(5) Provide/obtain additional training for supervisors to ensure they understand their role in enforcing wearing and use of protective clothing.

(6)Ensure all protective clothing is cleaned and adequately maintained.

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