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How to use Bouffant cap?

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This article introduced: How to wear the correct disposable surgical cap, Other use of disposable caps and some Precautions.


Here is the content list:

How to wear the correct disposable surgical cap?

Other use of disposable cap




How to wear the correct disposable surgical cap?

Correctly wear disposable surgical caps and disposable surgical masks both aesthetically pleasing and can achieve the purpose of safety and protection, but also to protect patients and medical personnel of the two-way barrier. The types of disposable surgical caps are: strip caps, non-woven round caps, plastic round caps. Hospital clinics often use disposable strip surgical caps. The correct way to wear disposable strip surgical caps is to

1, choose the appropriate size of the cap, should fully cover the head and hairline hair.

2, the brim side of the disposable surgical caps should be tightened by the band or elastic band, to prevent the operation of the hair scattered.

3, the hair is longer, wear the disposable surgical caps before the hair should be well bundled, the hair will all buckle into the cap.

4、The two ends of the disposable strip surgical cap closure must be placed on both sides of the ear, not allowed to be placed on the forehead or other parts.


Other use of disposable cap

Disposable bouffant cap can also be used to fix ice bag: clinical, cerebral hemorrhage patient routine head continuous with cold compress. Common method is ice bag cold compress forehead and occipital back; and ear, nose and throat department nose surgery common method of stopping bleeding and pain is also ice bag cold compress forehead. In this case, the patient is easy to fall off or dislocate the ice pack when turning and changing position. In view of this, the local material, the use of disposable surgical caps brought back by the patient after surgery to fix the ice pack. It is effective, economical and convenient, simple and practical, saves material, and the patient can change position at will.



The operating room should have a dedicated person to manage disposable medical supplies; a dedicated person to receive them. When receiving disposable supplies, the quality should be checked, and the products should be strictly inspected for health permits, inspection certificates, production dates, product identification and sterilization expiration dates, etc.; unqualified products should never be allowed to be put into clinical use.

All disposable surgical supplies e.g. disposable surgical caps received should be placed in a dry, clean and well-lit storage room and neatly arranged according to the category of supplies. And regularly check whether the sterilization of disposable supplies is invalid, all invalid supplies should not be used, high-value disposable supplies should be collected and kept under lock and key, and a person should be responsible for issuing them to avoid loss.

According to the size of the surgical usage, the supplies are collected at any time to ensure the surgical use. Each time you receive back the supplies should not be large, so as to avoid the backlog of supplies caused by the failure, thus bringing unnecessary losses, and should be used according to the order of the sterilization expiration date.

The purpose and usage of each disposable surgical supply must be clarified. Before use, the packaging of the supplies should be strictly checked for damage and air leakage and the expiration date of sterilization, and if the above problems are found, the use should be stopped immediately.

In addition, we also provide other types of head protection products.

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