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How to clean coveralls?

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Coveralls are protective clothing that is used by millions of people to protect you from flames, electrical hazards, dirt, dust, and harsh environments. They are worn to protect your skin and clothing when working. The clothing extends from your shoulders to your feet covering shoulders and arms – which is the main difference compared to overalls. Some coveralls have added protection like Flame Resistant, High-visibility, or insulation features. Therefore, it is essential to clean your coveralls as the chemicals remaining may spark a fire, reduce protective capability or cause tears. Proper cleaning procedures and habits will keep you safe and also will save you money. This guide will discuss the various methods how to clean your coveralls.

The following knowledge points are listed below






The most important reason to clean coveralls properly is for them to maintain their safety integrity. Poor maintenance may destroy the fibers that keeps coveralls flame resistance, electrical arc resistant, insulated, or have high visibility (Hi-Vis). It’s recommended to clean coveralls after every use. Cleaning frequently reduces the risk of carrying dangerous material on your work clothes that may lead to personal harm or safety incidents.


Immediate cleaning or change of clothes is recommended if your garments come in contact with flammable soils. Flammable soils may not come out during the cleaning procedure you choose. It’s recommended to clean your coveralls in an industrial wash if you believe flammable material is still present. Discoloration, visible stains or soils are potential clues to determine if a more thorough wash is necessary.


Modern coveralls are designed to keep you comfortable all day long in almost any environment. Therefore, a secondary outcome of improper cleaning may lead to working uncomfortable.



First things first, carefully read and understand the manufacture’s instructions. Every coverall has its own intended use – Hi-Vis, Flame Resistant, Insulation, etc… and each has their own procedure of cleaning to protect its fabric and intended use. Washing machine temperature, chemical additives, laundry or by hand are potential differences. It all depends upon the fabric and intended use of the coverall. For instance, Hi-Vis material will deteriorate if you wash this fabric with too hot of water. Typically, these instructions are provided along the inside seam but the manufacture’s website will also have all necessary information.



Determine what chemicals or stains are present on your coveralls. Do not wash by hand if you have flammable material, chemicals, or any other hazardous substance.



Washing coveralls at your home saves time and energy. Home washing also is efficient if there aren’t too many stains or chemicals on your garments. Cleaning your coveralls at an industrial wash or dry cleaner may be more appropriate if you detect a large number of chemicals or stains. Be sure to remove all other garments before you wash your coveralls. Use hot water (up to 120 degrees F) and any common laundry detergent. After adding detergent, allow the machine to complete its full working cycle. DO NOT USE BLEACH OR HYDROGEN PEROXIDE!


It is advised to wash your coverall after every use. This way you will not have to put in extra effort every time you need to wash your cloth coverall. Always apply gentle rubs. This will ensure high levels of effectiveness during the cleaning process.

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