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How to choose respirators?

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This article is divided into four parts:

1. What is a chemical respirator? 

2. What type of respirator do I need?

3. Disposable Particulate Respirators.

4. Half-mask respirators and full-face chemical respirators.


What is a chemical respirator?

These respirators are sometimes called chemical respirators because they filter or clean chemical gases and vapors out of the air as you breathe. These respirators include a full face mask or half mask, and a filter/cartridge (if the filter is in a metal shell it is called a "canister").


What type of respirator do I need?

The type of respirator you need depends on the hazard you are in. The most basic respirator is a dust mask, which protects against low levels of organic vapors or other hazards. The next level of protection is a half-mask respirator, which covers only the nose and mouth completely. However, for certain hazards where skin irritation or eye irritation is an issue, a full-face respirator may be required. This type of respirator is sometimes called a chemical respirator for this reason. You can customize the effectiveness of your respirator by the cartridge you choose to install. There are cartridges that protect against acidic gases, organic vapors, or both. Finally, if harmful particulates (very fine particles that penetrate regular cartridges) are a problem, you'll want to add an extra layer of protection with a filter attached to the cartridge. We sell all of these products. Check out our quick product guide below or go through the product menu above to determine which type of respirator is best for you.


Disposable Particulate Respirators

Particulate respirators, sometimes referred to as "dust masks," are the simplest, least expensive, and least protective type of respirator. These respirators provide protection against particulate matter only. They do not protect against chemicals, gases or vapors, and are only suitable for low hazard levels. The common N95 dust mask is a type of particulate respirator that is commonly used in hospitals to protect against infectious agents. Particulate respirators are "air-purifying respirators" because they remove particles from the air as you breathe. Even if you can't see the particles, there may be too many in the air for this type of respirator to provide adequate protection.


Half-mask respirators and full-face chemical respirators

These respirators are sometimes called chemical respirators because they filter or clean the air of chemical gases and vapors as you breathe. These respirators include a full-face mask or half-face mask, and a filter/cartridge (called a "canister" if the filter is in a metal housing). Straps secure the mask to the head. The cartridge may have a particle removal filter (this is often called a P100 filter) combined with the cartridge. It may also have a charcoal or carbon cartridge to control odors and organic vapors. As the user inhales, air is pulled through the filter.


Gas and chemical respirators are only effective when used with the correct cartridge and filter for a specific organism or chemical. There are cartridges that protect against more than one hazard, but there is no "all-in-one" filter that protects against all substances. You need to know what hazardous substances you will be exposed to in order to be sure you are choosing the right filter or cartridge.


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