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How often should N95 Masks be changed?

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Since the occurrence of the new coronavirus pneumonia, many people now have to buy N95 Masks to wear, we all know that N95 Masks are certified one of the nine kinds of particulate protection Masks, filtering efficiency of 95%. But the question arises, do you know how long to wear N95 Masks to change a good? The correct wear time at a glance, together with reference to the next!

Here is the content list:

l medical surgical mask

l N95 mask wearing time

l early stages of the epidemic

In life, we can see a variety of Masks, such as ordinary cotton and linen Masks, disposable medical surgical Masks and medical protective Masks (N95 Masks, for example).

To prevent "new coronavirus pneumonia", please wear a "medical-surgical mask" or a "medical protective mask".

Medical surgical mask

The "medical-surgical mask" generally has three layers, from the outside to the inside are waterproof layer, filter layer and comfort layer, and the innermost comfort layer is a non-woven fabric; wearing such a mask can prevent respiratory infections, but it cannot block "haze substances".

Medical protective Masks such as N95 Masks (under the testing conditions stipulated by NIOSH standards, the filtration efficiency reaches 95%) can protect against droplet infection caused by splashes of bodily fluids or blood from patients, and compared with medical surgical Masks, medical protective Masks have better airtightness.

N95 mask-wearing time

For the N95 mask-wearing time, there is no fixed replacement time, because different environmental dust concentration is different, each person's use time is different, these will affect the N95 mask life.

First of all, please make it clear that ordinary people do not need to wear a mask all day and night; wearing a medical mask for a long time will make the nasal mucosa more fragile, and more serious people will even lose the original physiological function of the nasal cavity, affecting their own strong immunity. It is not necessary to wear a mask at home or outdoors in a ventilated place with a low population density.

In addition, in principle, no matter what kind of mask is "time-sensitive", it needs to be replaced regularly. Strictly speaking, it is recommended that Masks should be replaced every 2-4 hours, and even more so when the mask is contaminated.

Early stages of the epidemic

N95 Masks were in very short supply in the market, so many Masks were sold out in many places. Among them, N95 Masks are very sought-after, after all, the protective effect is very good. Some people are very concerned about the N95 mask-wearing time. Through the above introduction, you should know it!

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