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Basic knowledge about surgical cap

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The surgical cap is designed to prevent the surgical operator's hair from falling in the operating room during surgery and contaminating the sterile environment of the operating room. Existing surgical caps are mostly disposable surgical caps, the material is mostly non-woven, with the cap first folded surgical cap unfolded, and then the brim needs to cover the front and rear hairline and both sides above the ears, so that the hair does not leak out.

The surgical cap is mainly used for hospital operating room, beauty, pharmaceutical, factory laboratory and other specific places; at the same time after continuous practice in the patient also frequently used, some eye, nose, oral cavity, ear, maxillofacial and neck surgery, the surgical cap will be worn on the patient's head, can cover all the patient's hair and fixed firmly, fully reveal the surgical field of view, and can effectively prevent the hair from reaching into the surgical site to contaminate the incision, affecting the surgical operation.


Here is the content list:

1. Production materials

2. Surgical cap color

3. The clever use of surgical cap


Production materials

Most surgical caps are disposable products, and the material is non-woven, which is light and soft, waterproof, breathable, non-toxic, non-irritating, antibacterial, chemical resistant, and environmentally friendly. And the material is dense, dustproof, antibacterial, vomit and blood, etc. are not easy to penetrate. Cheap, safe, hygienic and convenient to use. But after practice found that non-woven fabric has a disadvantage: poor breathability, not absorb sweat, clinical use, the surgeon's forehead sweat, sweat will not only affect the surgeon's vision, once dripping to the operating table will increase the rate of infection of the surgical site.

Therefore, a variety of innovative surgical caps have been derived, which can prevent sweat from falling, while ensuring the dryness and breathability of the surgeon's head and improving the comfort of the surgeon during surgery.


Surgical cap color

Traditional disposable surgical caps are mostly light blue, dark blue, green, purple, etc. There are some hospitals use the color of the surgical cap to distinguish the management of different personnel. So that the color is bright, eye-catching, identify identity at a glance. There are also some various patterns of printed surgical caps, known as the most adorable surgical caps such surgical caps can add a warm color for the cold operating room, close the distance between the doctor and the patient, so that the patient soothe emotions, relaxation, reduce the patient's fear of surgery.


The clever use of surgical cap

Fixed ice bag: In clinical practice, patients with cerebral hemorrhage routinely use cold compresses on the head continuously. The common method is ice bag cold compress forehead and behind the occiput; and ENT nose surgery common method of stopping bleeding and pain is also ice bag cold compress forehead. In this case, the patient is easy to fall off or dislocate the ice pack when turning and changing position. In view of this, the local material, the use of disposable surgical caps brought back by the patient after surgery to fix the ice pack. Good effect, economic and convenient, simple and practical, saving materials, the patient can change position at will.

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