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Basic information about gas mask respirators

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The following knowledge points are listed below

What is Gas mask respirator?

• Full Face gas mask Respirator

• Half gas mask

What is the price of gas masks?


What is Gas mask respirator?

A gas mask is air purifying respiratory protective equipment (class 3 PPE) which covers the respiratory tracts (nose and mouth) as well as the eyes, allowing protection against certain toxic, irritating and / or corrosive substances. Like all air purifying respirators, it can only be used in the presence of a sufficient oxygen level, over 19%. Respiratory protective masks come in two main categories:


Single-cartridge gas masks with Rd40 connection (universal DIN 40mm thread) with a wide filters range. Due to their universality - all major respiratory protective equipment brands offer RD 40mm filters - we have a very wide range of filter cartridges ranging from volatile organic compounds such as acetone, benzene or perchlorethylene (AX filter) up to acids such as sulfuric or hydrochloric acid (filters B or E), ammonia and its derivatives (K filter) or mercury (Hg filter).


Dual filter gas mask respirators with two filters. These dual filter devices have several interesting advantages: an excellent load balance (because filters's weight are better distributed) with a wider field of vision because the filters are positioned laterally on the side of the face. This two-filter system also has a larger filtration surface area, thus reducing respiratory effort. For these reasons, they are widely acclaimed for precision work, including grinding, welding, painting, etc.

Full Face gas mask Respirator

Full-face gas mask respirators are required when hazards can penetrate or irritate the skin or eyes, such as high VOC (volatile organic compounds) wet-curing polyurethane or conversion varnishes. They are often used in the chemical industry in conjunction with full body suits to prevent exposure to hazardous chemicals such as formaldehyde or methyl ethyl ketone. Full-face gas masks are also required for disaster cleanup from flooding when there is a high probability of incredibly toxic spores in decaying wood, waste and debris. No matter what your industry, make sure your full-face gas mask respirator is equipped with the right cartridge or filter for your hazard.


Half gas mask

Respirators that cover the nose and mouth are called half-mask respirators. Those that cover the face, including the eyes, are called full-face respirators. Both types use any combination of prefilters, filters, and cartridges.


What is the price of gas masks?

So, how much does a gas mask cost? Well, it depends on the materials, construction, design, quality of the filters and canisters, and the overall estimated life of the mask. That said, there is a slightly wider range of prices regarding gas masks, starting at less than $20 (such as the Vktech industrial gas chemical dust respirator mask) and going all the way up to less than $500 (such as the excellent Avon full face respirator M50 gas mask).


Obviously, the price depends on the specifications, features and quality of the gas mask you are about to purchase. If you need a mask in order to work in a hostile environment, such as a contaminated environment, it is recommended that you choose the best gas mask possible for maximum protection.


That said, you can also look for complete emergency supply kits that are more affordable than gas masks sold separately. Advanced emergency preparedness kits, for example, are the ideal solution in the event of an earthquake, flood, hurricane or any natural disaster.

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