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5 tips to keep your face mask clean

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With face masks becoming mandatory across the world, it is important to ensure you keep your mask clean, in order to maximize its effectiveness.

"The precaution of maintaining hygiene, especially when it comes to face masks, is paramount. Using the same cloth mask every day without washing it will not keep you safe from viruses and may actually have the opposite effect."


This article contains five parts:

1. How often do you need to wash your face mask?

2. What fabric is suitable for a face mask?

3. How should you handle your face mask after use?

4. How can you disinfect cloth masks?

5. What is the appropriate temperature to wash a face mask?


How often do you need to wash your face mask?

Your face mask should be washed regularly. The virus may stay active on fabric for a long period of time, which makes it absolutely necessary to wash your face mask at least once a day. If you suspect that someone you have been in close contact with is infected, you should put the mask to wash immediately and use a fresh one. Apart from the virus, the masks also tend to collect any sweat, oil or makeup from the skin, which may also affect your health.


What fabric is suitable for a face mask?


Cotton fabric is the perfect material for a face mask. With an ideal thread count of about 200 with up to three layers of fabric, this material is effective in filtering out the virus as well as blocking any pathogens from entering. With the strict protocol of wearing the face mask while on the move, it is essential to be comfortable with your face mask and the cotton fabric provides the right amount of breathability. It is also recommended to use white color masks that can be washed in higher temperatures.


How should you handle your face mask after use?


Upon returning home, the first thing to do is to take off your mask carefully and place it in the laundry bin until you can wash it. You may opt to leave it in the bin for 24 hours or more in quarantine, which is known to allow the virus to decay. Do not let the mask come into contact with any other family member.


How can you disinfect cloth masks?


A machine wash at a high temperature with quality detergents is good enough to kill the virus. However, if you want to avoid running a machine load just for a single mask, you can also toss in your clothing items that you wore to step-out as well. If you prefer to hand-wash your mask, ensure that you get into every inch of the mask and clean it using the correct amount of chemicals. Additionally, soaking the mask in hot water for 10-minutes and then rinsing it thoroughly, will also help to remove all the pathogens. Avoid using bleach completely as the constant smell can cause nausea and headaches.


What is the appropriate temperature to wash a face mask?


Viruses cannot withstand high temperatures, therefore, washing face masks at a temperature of more than 60 degrees help disinfect the mask. Since fabrics with dark colours fade after a couple of washed at high temperatures, it is advisable to make or buy the fabric mask in lighter shades.


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