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Why we need isolation gowns?
21 June 2022

For doctors, According to the needs of the treatment work, should be selected and properly put on and take off isolation gown or protective gown. Isolation gown should be rear opening, can cover all the clothes and exposed skin. Here is the content list: Under what circumstances do I need to wear isolation gowns and protective gowns? What to pay attention to when wearing and taking off isolation gowns?

The difference between isolation gowns and protective gowns
14 June 2022

Isolation gowns are used for medical personnel to avoid contamination by blood, body fluids, and other infectious materials, or to protect patients from infection. Isolation gowns are used to prevent both medical personnel from being infected or contaminated and to prevent patients from being infected, and are two-way isolation. Protective gown, also called protective gown, is a disposable protective item worn by clinical medical personnel when they come into contact with patients with infectious diseases of category A or infectious diseases managed according to category A. Here is the content list: Isolation gown wear indications Protective gown wear indications. More difference between isolation gown and protective gown.

How to storage isolation gowns?
11 June 2022

Here is the content list: Types of Surgical Gowns Maximizing the effectiveness and longevity of barrier garments Keeping PPE in use during emergencies Storing Isolation Gowns to Maximize Life Cycle

How to evaluate and select isolation gowns?
08 June 2022

Here is the content list: What is an isolation gown? Four levels under standard What's on the product label is more important than the product name How Easy is an Isolation Gown to Put On and Remove?

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