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White Disposable Surgical Isolation Gown Waterproof Medical Operating AAMI PB70 Level3

HBFULLCARE FC-GO006 White disposable surgical isolation gown is waterproof, anti-Rust, latex, and rubber free. It's comfortable and easy to put on. Each gown has neck velcro and waist tie closures which ensure a snug fit. Long sleeves for comfortable wear. Easy to put on and take off.
  • FC-GO006
  • SMS Non-woven Fabric
  • White
  • Long sleeve, Velcro, Knitted Cuffs, waist with ties
  • 40 gsm
  • AAMI PB70 Level 3
  • 1pc/bag,100pcs/ctn

Product name

Isolation gown/Surgical gown

Optional Material

SMS/Miroporous lamination film/PP+PE/Non   woven

Gram Area





long sleeves






10pcs /bag,100pcs/carton




AAMI PB70 Level 1 2 3 4/EN 13795


Level 1: Impact Penetration Test-AATCC 42: ≤4.5g;

Level 2: Impact Penetration Test-AATCC 42: ≤1.0g; Hydrostatic Pressure Test-AATCC 127:


Level 3: Impact Penetration Test-AATCC 42: ≤1.0g; Hydrostatic Pressure Test-AATCC 127:


Details Description

1.Seams:Stitched seams/ultrasonic-welded seams.

2.Long sleeve, Elastic/Knit cuff ,Tie-on neck and waist/velcro on neck

3. This product can choose ethylene oxide sterilization packaging

4.Application: Designed for tasks or use in areas such as ER, Trauma, Burn Unit, Critical Care Units, Arterial Blood Draw, IV Line Insertion

The Contents of notes , Warnings and Reminders

1. The product is only limited for disposable use and should be discarded into medical trash cans after use.

2. If the product is found to be contaminated or damaged before use, please stop using it immediately and dispose of it properly.

3. The product should avoid prolonged contact with chemical substances.

4. The product is a non-sterilized, non-flame-retardant product and should be kept away from heat sources and open flames during use or storage.



Method of Use

1. Lift the collar with the right hand and stretch the left hand into the sleeve. Pull the collar upward with the right hand and
show the left hand. 

2. Change to hold the collar with the left hand and stretch the right hand into the sleeve. Show the right hand. Lift both hands to shake the sleeve. Be careful not to touch the face. 

3. Hold the collar with both hands and fasten the neckband from the center of the collar along the edges. 

4. Pull one side of the gown (about 5cm below the waist) forward gradually, and pinch it when seeing the edge. Use the same method to pinch the edge on the other side.

5. Align the edges of your gown with your hands behind your back. 

6. Fasten the waistband behind your back


Disposable gownDisposable gown


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